Dream Tents™
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Features & Benefits

  • Easily pop open and fasten to the bed in just seconds
  • Works on all twin beds, even bunk beds
  • Includes a personal reading light
  • Promotes restful sleep – helps alleviate fears of the dark
  • Folds for compact storage
  • Great for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions!
US Patent No. 9644390
DreamTents™ Create a Fun & Private Space that Kids Love!
Quick and easy

Quick, Easy Installation

Easily pop open and fasten to
the bed in just seconds.

Includes a reading light

Includes Reading Light

Kids can have their own
private magical reading nook.

Compact storage

Compact Storage

Just fold, and put away.
It’s that simple!

Introducing DreamTents™

DreamTents™ are fun pop up tents that give your child their own private world at night. There’s an Undersea World, a Fairy Tale Forest, a Winter Wonderland, a Space Adventure, and so many more! DreamTents™ make bedtime fun!

DreamTents™ come with a personal reading light, so your kids can have their own private magical reading nook.

DreamTents™ are easy to set up and easy to store. They instantly pop open and they fasten to the bed in just seconds. They work on all twin beds, even bunk beds! To store them, you just fold, and put away. It’s that simple!

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Winter Wonderland

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Undersea World

Undersea World

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Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Island

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Unicorn Fantasy

Unicorn Fantasy

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